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Our Process

At Econize Closets, our main goal throughout the design process is to make it as easy and as much fun
as possible for our clients. With this logic in mind we have the following simple steps from start to
finish to bring you the highest level of service and product that our industry provides:

  • Step 1: Free Design Consultation

    One of our friendly and experienced Econize Closets designers will come out to your home, measure your space with laser measuring tools, show you samples of our high quality ORG Home Solutions and with our proprietary 3D design software design your closet or space right there and then. This allows us to design a system with your direct input and modify it right away before we leave your home.

    Another great advantage to this method is that it allows us to quickly tweak your design so that we can get a perfect balance of design and aesthetics whilst also taking your budget into consideration. With the smallest click of a button we can modify the design and let you see first hand where we can save and value engineer the final closet proposal.

  • Step 2: Production In Our Local Facility

    Your custom closet design is manufactured in the US in our Org Home plant in Holland Michigan and shipped to our local production facility in Markham, Virginia where we assemble parts of your custom system and get it ready for installation.

  • Step 3: Installation & Client Walk Through

    You are greeted by a friendly and respectful Econize Closets installation team and they will walk through the location and install your custom closet in your space.

    It is then followed up by a walk through upon completion with you to make sure you are more than happy with your new closet or home storage product. Our in-house installation teams are clean, courteous, respectful and professional at all times.

  • Step 4: Post Installation Follow-Up

    Your Sales designer will follow up with you after the project has been installed to verify you are 150% happy with your new closet system.

    It is very important to us that you are ecstatic with the new system and the experience.


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