What Are Some Great Ideas on Wardrobe Design?
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What Are Some Good Ideas on Wardrobe Design?


Whether you have a walk-in closet or want to incorporate your wardrobe into an existing room, good ideas on wardrobe design can help.

It all starts with two things: the space you’re looking to design and the items you have to put in that space. Ensuring there’s room for all your items is essential for your wardrobe design.

The following are some innovative ideas that’ll make your wardrobe functional for everyday use, custom for your home, and sophisticated to suit any taste and style.


Go for an Entire Makeover


If you want to have a truly custom space, go for an entire makeover of your wardrobe. This is ideal when you’re turning another space into a master closet, like a second bedroom or what used to be the home office.

Good ideas on wardrobe design for your total makeover include  choosing finishes that incorporate the feel of the rest of your home and making use of every corner to maximize your storage space.




Incorporate Your Existing Space


Custom Storage SpaceWhen you need to integrate your wardrobe with your existing space, you have more choices than you think!

Remember that size is never an issue when you go custom. Even the smallest spaces can be transformed into storage powerhouses. Whether you need your wardrobe to be a part of your bedroom or guest bedroom, the right designer will make it work.

If your space is multifunctional, you can incorporate doors onto your wardrobe in order to disguise this space from guests. Good ideas on wardrobe design will enable you to create a space that’s highly functional yet custom to suit your needs.


Splurge for a Kitchenette


Storage For ClosetWhen your kitchen is on a different floor than your master bedroom and closet, a kitchenette makes perfect sense. Why not have a sink and bar area for coffee in the mornings and wine in the evenings?

Good ideas on wardrobe design can also include adding an island to this space. An island is luxurious and can be used for just about anything. Whether you’re laying out clothes for a trip or need somewhere to put your coffee in the mornings, an island completes the space.

An island will not only provide you with more room for storage, but will also create more counter space for folding clothes, having a beverage, or whatever else you need in a wardrobe that’ll be so much more than a wardrobe with the right design.


Craft Your Vision


Make your dream closetWhat do you envision for your space? First, think about what you need. If you have an abundance of accessories, you might consider more drawers for storing jewelry and belts or hooks for hanging scarves and purses.

Shelves and compartments can keep items like shoes and sweaters visible while still maintaining the function and beauty of your space.

Do you imagine an open or closed wardrobe? If your closet space is being used in conjunction with another area such as a guest room, workout room, or home office, go with doors or shutters on your wardrobe.

Good ideas on wardrobe design will make your closet modern and elegant without taking away from the décor of the existing space. Choosing high-quality materials can make your home contemporary yet classic for timeless style.


Find the Right Wardrobe Design for You


Maximize Your ClosetNo two wardrobes have the same needs, so no two will look alike. When it comes to creating custom spaces, the right design professionals can create a wardrobe with everything you need and more.

From working with your existing closet to choosing the right finishes, it’s time to create your custom wardrobe. Let’s begin creating your dream space today!





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