What Exactly Are Custom Closets And Their Benefits – 2020 Version
Custom Closets

What Exactly Are Custom Closets?

Custom closets are an excellent way to make the most out of your space while having a stylish way to store your clothes.

When you choose to take advantage of custom closets DC, you can create a fully functional space with the help of a professional designer who takes the time to understand all your needs.

Custom closets take traditional closets to an entirely new level. Why have a single rod with an overhead shelf when you can make a wardrobe haven out of your closet space at home?

Custom closets DC are exactly that—a clothing and storage sanctuary that’s tailored specifically for you.

Custom Closets DC System That Works for You

customIt’s likely that your closet at home was not designed specifically for you.

Your closet was probably meant to be functional only for the physical space in which it’s located. With a custom closet, you have a unique space that works for you.

A built-in closet system means you can have a combination of different storage techniques. This can increase your storage efficiency and also provide easy organization and display of clothing items. Choose from a combination of shelving, drawers, rods, and baskets to customize your space.

Base your design entirely on what you want out of your closet. Do you want items on display so that you can easily choose from what you have? Would you like to tuck a hamper away in a discreet area? What about space for jewelry and other accessories?

The choice is entirely yours with custom closets DC!

Completely Customized Space

closet customWhen you work with a professional closet designer, you can make use of every inch of space available to you.

No matter what shape your closet will take, make the area work for you instead of you working around it. Customizing your closet gives you the ability to create storage that will be functional for life.

You also have the option of choosing from materials and colors that suit your taste. From different wood finishes and lighting fixtures, you can fit your décor and your budget when you customize everything the way you’d like.

Closet height and depth can even be personalized so you can maximize storage space. You have a huge selection of storage options to ensure everything you need is in one area with your custom closets DC.

Adaptable and Affordable

custom closets dcEven after you decide on a space and combination of storage techniques for your closet, you can continue to get the most out of the space by creating an adjustable system.

This means your custom closets DC can have several configurations simply by integrating more room to add rods and shelves. Your custom closet would have the ability to change based on whether you needed more storage space or less storage space at any given time.

You can take advantage of spaces that would otherwise be difficult to use in your home, like corners and other unusual areas. Your professional designer can make the most out of the room and your design simply by addressing your storage needs.

Customizing your closet can also be tailored to your unique budget. Whether you want to totally splurge or just upgrade to a more adapted space, a custom closet can work for you!

More than Storage Space

When you’re ready to upgrade to a custom closet, know that custom closets DC are more than storage spaces. They’re uniquely designed systems that work with your lifestyle and your wardrobe. From hats and shoes to clothing and jewelry, you can make your custom closet however you like to suit your taste and add value to your home!

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