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Here Are Some Great Walk In Closet Ideas

Walk in closets are fabulous—they provide creative ways to store all your things while also providing the space you need to get ready. With so many walk in closet ideas, how can you choose which one you love? By combining different elements of walk in closet ideas to create your perfect unique space, you can realize your dream walk in closet for your home!

Consider these walk in closet ideas for your closet space.

Have A Centerpiece

walk in closet centerpieceHaving a centerpiece as one of your walk in closet ideas is genius, not to mention beautiful and unique. If you have the space for it in your closet, having a centerpiece such as a dresser or cabinet-style dresser can create flair and storage. Consider storing boxes or jewelry in your dresser along with clothes. Use the surface for things like jewelry holders or décor. Walk in closet ideas such as dressers for centerpieces make for excellent storage while adding a unique aesthetic value to the space. Use the surface for décor, flowers, or pictures, while you store all your clothes and jewelry in the drawers. These centerpieces make any closet truly unique and provide additional storage.


Don’t Forget Large Mirrors

organize and maximize spaceNothing like having the light and space to see yourself in your closet with a great mirror! No one leaves the house without ensuring they look their best. Walk in closet design ideas that include large mirrors provide more than just a pretty face looking back at you. Large mirrors, especially the type on closet doors, can seemingly provide more space and light if your lighting is done correctly. This way you can also ensure that you look your best before leaving in your walk in closet. There’s nothing quite like having a large mirror in your closet to check your attire. Walk in closet ideas with large mirrors can be perfect for your space.


Tight Spaces Can Be Great Spaces

walk in closet ideasJust because you have a small closet space or a small room doesn’t mean you can’t have a great walk in closet. Walk in closet ideas include closets of all sizes and shapes. Using tight spaces to get creative with your walk in closet ideas is a huge plus and adds custom value to the space. Having narrow spaces, spaces with tall ceilings, closets that function as part of a bedroom, and really tiny closets can also function beautifully as walk in closets. Talking your ideas through with a designer may be more affordable than you think to get the closet space you’ve always dreamed of!


A Seating Area Adds A Great Touch

storage space closet ideasHaving a seating area in your closet can really help set the mood of the room by providing a comfortable place to sit. Whether it’s a traditional window seat with great lighting or a loveseat or an ottoman, seating areas are a perfect part of walk in closet ideas. Having a place where you can sit to decide what to wear or to finish getting ready is important. If you have the space for a seating area in your closet, go for it! Even having a seat with a dresser for jewelry makes for great walk in closet ideas. Your closet space is totally unique to you, so make it your own.


Mass Organizing and Store As You Want

storage organization ideas for closetsOne of the best things that walk in closets have to offer is the mass organizing potential! Having a uniquely-created space just for you gives you the option to store all your things however you like. The whole point of a walk in closet is to have enough space to organize your things, but even if you have a tight space, walk in closet ideas offer you unbelievable custom storage so that you can clearly see and access your wardrobe. Get organized with walk in closet ideas—you’ll be glad you did!

Walk in closets help give people style, security, and space when working with their closets. Even the smallest spaces can house some truly great walk in closet ideas. Keep this in mind when considering walk in closet ideas for your special space. After all, no one knows the space better than you, so designing your perfect walk in closet space will help you to make great fashion choices every day!


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