Great Kitchen Organizing Ideas
Kitchen Pantry

Give your island a boost of style and functionality by removing the doors from some of the cabinets. Here, the doors were removed from all of the island’s lower cabinets, providing plentiful storage for kitchen essentials while adding interest to the work space.  Keep the space surrounding the cooktop clear. Here, pullouts on both sides of the range provide convenient storage for spices and cooking oils. The pullout shelves keep these essentials near eye level, making it easy for the cooks to find exactly what they need. The pullouts recess into a hearthlike surround for the appliance.

Here, a drawer has been outfitted with pegboard inserts. The boards can be sized to fit existing drawers and the pegs can be adjusted to secure stacks of bowls and plates. Store dishes in low drawers — near the sink or dishwasher — to minimize overhead lifting and to make putting them away a snap.

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