Planning the Perfect Custom Closet in Washington DC
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Planning the Perfect Custom Closet in Washington DC

When planning a custom closet in Washington DC, identifying your wants, needs, and expectations can help you have the perfect new space.

Having the best DC custom closet starts with knowing what you’d like before contacting companies for designs and estimates. Any great designer can make you a beautiful new wardrobe, but unless it functions specifically for you, it can still encourage clutter and frustration.

How can you plan practical storage that’s perfect for you to keep your home tidy? Here’s what to keep in mind when planning your next closet system.

Outline Priorities for Your New Closet

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Consider what you want to get out of your new closet by answering the following questions:

• Do you want more storage for bulky items such as suitcases or bedding?
• Do you need more space for hanging items or folded items?
• Do you need more room for storing off-season clothing and other items?
• Do you want to display more items or store more items?

Your closet designer will want to know these things so they can create the best, most functional space for you. By outlining your goals, you can ensure your new space ticks off every item on your list.

Your new closet should be an upgrade from your old one, so it’s important to know what you like and what just isn’t working for you. The design features of your new DC custom closet will be dependent on what’s most important for you.

Plan for Current and Future Use of Your Closet

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The downside of many smaller closets is that their storage systems don’t leave any room for growth. Considering how your new space will be used is important to create timeless functionality.

For example, is all the space going to be just yours or will you be sharing it with a spouse, roommate, or family? How much room does each person need?

Every person will have different storage requirements. Are you open to dividing the closet to incorporate the needs of everyone using the space? When enlisting custom closet services, evaluating the current use of your storage is going to be helpful.

It’s also a good idea to consider your future plans for the closet. For instance, do you plan on selling your home in Washington DC? Are you hoping to expand your family? Are you and your partner planning on moving in together?

Answering these questions will be important in regards to ensuring the design of your custom closets allow for growth and flexibility throughout your home.

Keep Your Budget and Expectations in Mind

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Finding a designer you can communicate with and who understands your vision can help you end up with the perfect custom closet.

Let the company know how much you’re planning on spending on your custom closet services. Make sure you discuss pricing so there are no surprises and expectations are clear.

Your budget will also influence what finishes and styles are available to you when planning your new space. You should also outline the timeline for the installation of your new closet. Perhaps you’re working under a construction deadline or are preparing to sell your home and need your closet as soon as possible.

Use your consultation time to discuss other expectations with your designer, such as whether or not you want to incorporate drawers into the space, what styles and colors you enjoy, and what design finishes speak to you.

By being clear about what you expect out of the new space, you can ensure your new closet is everything you dreamed and more.

Finding a Custom Closet Designer

The right designer is going to make planning and installing your DC custom closet simple. The best design will also help you get the most use out of your new space

During your search for a custom closet company, consider businesses that are local, but remember that the best pick won’t always be the cheapest, although the right professionals should be able to work with any budget.

When you’re tired of smaller closets in your home in DC that just don’t fit your needs, it’s time to go custom. Contact your local designers today to begin creating your perfect closet that will bring beauty and efficiency back into your home!

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