Helpful Tips On Organizing Your DC Custom Closet – 2021 Edition
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Custom Closet Ideas and Organization Tips for Your Washington DC Home

If organization feels like an ongoing task at your home in Washington DC, you’re not alone. Constantly adjusting your wardrobe and reevaluating your need for certain items might feel normal, but the truth is that organizing your DC custom closet should only need to happen once in a while.

What are some organization tips to help get your custom closet together once and for all? Here are a few ideas to incorporate into your storage space that will make organization easy!

Invest in Pull-Out Racks

organizing your dc custom closetPull-out racks are a great way to incorporate versatility into your custom closets. These racks allow you to hang or store virtually anything, including ties, belts, scarves, accessories, and shoes. Pull-out racks save space in a closet while increasing functionality.

These multipurpose racks can be incorporated into cabinetry for a seamless look and can even take advantage of floor-to-ceiling vertical space to make full use of your square footage. Pull-out racks also make innovative custom pantry solutions for spices and even wine!

Don’t Ignore Empty Wall Space

While empty wall space can be an opportunity for décor in a custom closet, a bare wall also contains infinite storage possibilities. You have the option of:

Utilizing hooks or hangers to brainstorm outfit ideas on the wall
Incorporate a built-in shoe rack or a hanging shoe rack
Hang shelves to display most-used accessories or beloved items
Empty wall space is also the perfect spot for a full-length mirror

Your professional closet designer can help you discover solutions that make the most sense for your storage needs and your routine when it comes to unused wall space.

Be Selective About Storage

additional closet space ideasWhen organizing your DC custom closet, remember not to use your closets to store items that could easily be kept in other areas of the house.

For example, your kids’ bicycle helmets would be better stored in the mudroom or the garage than in their bedrooms. In your master closet, don’t keep cleaning supplies that could easily go in the mudroom, laundry room, or even a kitchen pantry.

It’s easy to operate by the notion that “storage is storage” and put things wherever there’s room. However, by keeping everything in its appropriate spot, it’ll be easier for you to maintain organization and enjoy better flow and function throughout your DC home!

Include Convenient Extras

storage spaceIncorporating a few extra elements in your custom closets for convenience can make your life that much easier. For example, consider charging stations for your devices so you can be ready to go the next day. You can also integrate safes into your closet for important items or documents.

And finally, investing in simple yet useful design elements can make every inch of your closet usable. Consider hooks for purses or robes, baskets for miscellaneous items, and drawer dividers to keep everything neat.

Organizing Your DC Custom Closet

You can successfully organize your DC custom closet with the above tips and design ideas. With the right design features, getting organized will be simpler and allow you to enjoy your day-to-day routine with ease!

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