Organization Ideads For small closets
Transform Your Tiny Closet Into Amazing Work

Organization Ideas for Small Closets


You’ve got a gorgeous house or the perfect apartment, but you’re having trouble reconciling the size of your closet with the amount of items you actually have.

How can you remedy this? When you’re not committed to physically making a bigger closet but need more space, taking advantage of closet organization DC can help. It can seem impossible to make a small closet work for you, but when you take advantage of professional closet designers, it’s easier thank you think.

Here’s how closet organization DC can take your small closet and make it fit everything you need without the clutter!


Take Advantage of Vertical Space


ClosetUtilizing vertical space in a small closet is key to fitting all your items. It can make even the smallest square footage feel more spacious.

Through closet organization DC, you can use baskets with an easy pull-out handle for those hard-to-reach places. Put seasonal items here that you won’t be using year-round. For instance, this is the perfect place to store winter hats, gloves, and scarves when it’s summertime.

You can also use this space for items you just don’t use that often. The higher you go, the more space you can use. Just don’t forget to get a stepstool in order to safely reach these storage-saving items.

 Working with professional closet designers to utilize every inch of space can help you turn that tiny closet into an organizational powerhouse with the right features and creative use of the space!


Don’t Forget the Back of the Door


Custom Closet DCThe back of your closet door is an important space to utilize for your closet organization DC. Consider using hooks to hang purses and bags on the back of the door. You can also hang a shoe organizer here to save space.

A mirror on the back of your closet door will accelerate your routine, as your can immediately see what works and what doesn’t without carrying items to the bedroom or bathroom. If a full-length mirror can be accommodated, this is even better!

You can even hang a laundry hamper on the back of the closet door with the right bag and a sturdy hook. This will keep your dirty clothes off the floor and away from your clean clothes. You’ll also immediately know when it’s time to do laundry.

Finally, hanging baskets can be used to better organize items and create more storage. The door is an essential part of making use of all the space in a small closet when it comes to closet organization DC!


Use Labels and Color to Organize


Closet OrganizationWhen you have a small space, it can feel difficult to keep everything in its place. In order to truly organize a small closet with closet organization DC, take advantage of labels and color to sort your items.

Color coordinating items can not only help your closet to look more organized, but to actually stay organized. From color coordinating clothes to bins and hangers, you can be sure to keep everything right where you need it.

For example, use black bins for winter items and beige for summer. If you want to keep the color scheme of your closet more cohesive, use labels instead so you know what’s where. By doing this, you can make getting ready and coordinating items so much easier when you have a smaller space to work with.


Transform Your Tiny Closet

Closet IdeasAre you ready to get fully organized with a small closet? It’s possible! You’ll love your professionally designed closet and forget that square footage was even an issue. For all your closet organization DC needs, consider professionals to ensure your space is everything you envisioned and more!

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