Northern Virginia Closet Advice For a Remodel
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Northern Virginia Closet Remodel Advice


Are you planning your next closet remodel Northern Virginia? Whether you have a walk-in closet you’d like to redesign or reach-in closets that you want to make the most use of, your closet remodeling project is bound to be beneficial and fun.

For all your closet remodel Northern Virginia needs, there’s some good advice you can take advantage of to make your space be as wholly efficient and personable as possible. What should you keep in mind when remodeling your closet space?


Go Through Your Wardrobe


Advice on Custom ClosetsWhen you’re considering a closet remodel Northern Virginia, it’s time to go through your things. Getting rid of clothes, shoes, and accessories that you no longer wear or use is essential to having the right closet organizing system to suit your needs.

The right type of closet system can’t happen unless you take into account everything you have. This simple step will not only freshen up your wardrobe, but it’ll make your closet remodel Northern Virginia so much easier.

In fact, it’s a good idea to regularly go through your closet and get rid of items you no longer use or just don’t wear. This will keep your closet updated and organized. The general rule is, if you haven’t worn it or used it for a year, get rid of it!


Consider the Lighting


Lighting is going to make or break your closet space. Even if you have a spacious, well-organized closet, poor lighting is going to make items hard to find in addition to making the space look cramped.

To have optimal lighting for your closet remodel Northern Virginia, any cabinetry in your closet should be lit. This will help provide adequate lighting for smaller areas in your closet. LED lights for cabinets and rods are easy to operate and provide a touch of elegance to your personal closet space.

A closet remodel Northern Virginia needs to have the right lighting in order to ensure your closet space stays organized and accessible!


Strategize the Space


Northern Virginia Custom ClosetIt’s essential to have a plan that utilizes all the space for your closet remodel Northern Virginia. Work with a professional designer to ensure every square inch of your closet is used. Without a design plan in place, you’re setting yourself up to miss crucial storage features or extra space that could make your closet look and feel bigger.

When designing the space, take advantage of different hanging lengths for different sections of racks. Use the space above and below hanging areas for extra items. This can help you store items that aren’t used very often, such as luggage, seasonal items, or vacation items.

It’s also smart to keep a space for extra, miscellaneous things. These may include extra buttons that come with clothes, receipts, a pair of scissors for tags, and more. You’ll be surprised how much this idea can help keep your closet organized!


Have Some Fun


Custom Closet advice northern vaWhen it comes to your closet remodel Northern Virginia, a focal point or a unique design feature can really make the space pop. Consider adding personal touches or something that makes you smile.

Remember, you’re giving your closet a second life. A bold color on the walls, a fun wallpaper, or even a chandelier, seating area, or an island can really personalize your space. Have some fun with your closet remodel Northern Virginia!

A closer remodel is an exciting time for your home. Are you looking forward to having a stress-free space for all your items? Consider a custom closet design to makeover your master closet, kitchen pantry, mudroom, and more.

Local designers can help you take advantage of the best advice to turn your closet into a haven!


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