Murphy Bed Design Ideas, Five Different Areas
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Murphy Bed Design Ideas For Various Rooms

With space being more coveted today than ever, it’s the perfect time to consider murphy bed design ideas for your home. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a single-family home, a murphy bed design can accommodate many different styles, rooms, and spaces. Not to mention all members of the family. Check out these five different areas paired with five different murphy bed design ideas.

The Home Office—Shelves

murphy bed design ideasIf you have the luxury of doing your job from a home office, chances are your workspace is taking up a little more room than you intended. With your computer, books, tablet, phone, printer, fax machine, snacks, coffee maker, and whatever else you’ve lugged into this room, space is probably limited. If you’re working from a home where you have limited rooms to entertain and minimal space for all your furniture, the space becomes even more cramped. Never fear, with some great murphy bed design ideas, you can conquer your home office and make it a functional sleeping space as well. Conceal your murphy bed with shelves in the office. This way you’ll still have storage space for your daytime office things with all the comfort of a nighttime snooze on your fashionable and functional murphy bed.

The Guest Room—Closet Doors

murphy beds localCloset doors are a beautiful and functional way to store your murphy bed when not in use. If you are able to have an entire room devoted to guests at your home, chances are you’re not entertaining guests all the time and would like that space for something else when your guests aren’t staying over. Closet doors are easy to move aside with your murphy bed design ideas, if this is the idea you choose, or they can simply pull out of the wall, very characteristic of most murphy bed design ideas. Choose what fits best with the style of the room and how functional the operation of the closet doors will be with your chosen design.

The Living Room—The Armoire

building new wall bedIf you don’t have the space to accommodate guests in their own room, it might be ideal to store your murphy bed in a space that is commonly used but still functional as a room for guests when they do stay at your house. The armoire in the living room can be a great place to think about incorporating murphy bed design ideas. The armoire design will need to be properly attached to the wall and large enough to accommodate a pull-out bed, but if you have furniture, styles, and murphy bed design ideas in mind, you can make this space sing with all the functionality of a bed for your guests and yet the polished look you crave for your living space.

The Kid’s Room—Bunk Beds

planning murphy bedWhen you’ve got kids running around, you know how space just gets swallowed up into the house with all their things. Toys, books, electronics, school stuff, shoes, clothes, it all ends up everywhere! When you’re a parent, you learn how to make the most of space and time. Murphy bed design ideas are a great way to make the most of the space in your kids’ rooms. Whether they share a room or have separate rooms, bunk beds are creative murphy bed design ideas and can help you create lots of space for your little ones to play in. Conceal murphy bunk beds right into the wall or conceal again with closet doors or shelves. Plus, your kids will get a kick out of the fact that their beds just disappear!

Don’t Forget about Fido—The Dresser

ideas for wall bedIf you’re like most people nowadays and have pets running around, consider murphy bed design ideas as a way to eliminate your pet’s bed when not in use or when guests are over. Having a pet bed laying around in the living or bedroom area isn’t the most attractive option when you’re entertaining and maybe you let Fido out for a while or confine him just to one room. When this is the case, consider dresser murphy bed design ideas to conceal your pet’s bed. Most pet beds, if the correct size and density, can fit right into a dresser that you can easily pull out to accommodate your pooch. Your guests will never know about your creative murphy bed design ideas regarding Fido—although, you may want to share this creative and classy endeavor!

When space is sacred, murphy bed design ideas are the perfect way to save space and provide your home with a more refined look. You can easily store away your kids and pets’ beds, guests’ beds, and even your own bed when trying to work from a home office in a cramped environment. Consider murphy bed design ideas for your next project!

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