How Much Space Do You Need for Your Custom Closets DC in 2020?
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How Much Space Do You Really Need for Your Custom Closets DC?


When shopping for a home or undergoing new construction, closets should be a fundamental part of your new residence. Years ago, closet details were pushed by the wayside by both homeowners and contractors alike. Now, custom closets DC are the selling point of modern homes.

Although looking for more space seems practical, it’s the design of the closets that should ideally be considered. How much space do you really need in a closet? When you maximize storage through intelligent design, the size becomes less relevant.

Here’s how you can determine how much space you really need for your custom closets DC!


Take Inventory


Before you begin to imagine what your dream closet would look like, it’s a good idea to first take inventory of all the things that’ll be going into your closet spaces.

For example, how many pairs of pants do you have? Dresses? Ties? Shoes? When you work with professional designers for your custom closets DC, they’ll want to take inventory of everything you have so they know what they’re working with to customize your storage solutions.

This includes items for spaces such as linen closets and pantries, which become frequently-used spaces in the home and should be designed for all the things you need to store. Designing a closet based on cost alone won’t help you create an efficient space—take inventory first.


Quality, Not Quantity


Custom Closets DCWhen it comes to taking inventory, this is a good time to get rid of anything you don’t wear, doesn’t fit, or is out of style. Incorporating all these clothes into your custom closets DC is going to cost you extra dollars, so make choices based on the quality of your clothes, not the quantity.

Building or shopping for custom closets is the perfect time to toss or donate items that are no longer relevant to your wardrobe. This can also help you come up with a more realistic budget for your custom storage solutions. Consider that when every suit is taking up more then 2 inches of space and dresses take up more than 1 inch, your wardrobe could add up to several feet fairly quickly.

 This same rule goes for the number of closets in a home as opposed to the quality of those closets. A custom closet designer can help you discover where a closet space is really needed and where you can skip the extra work.


Get Creative


Custom SpaceNow that you’ve taken inventory and assessed your wardrobe as well as the quality of closets in your potential home—or have begun designing the closets in your new construction—it’s time to get creative.

You have limitless potential for your custom closets DC. Forget smaller, older closets or larger closets that have a shingle shelf and rod. Your closet is going to take advantage of creative solutions so that you get everything you need into the spaces that are most convenient for you.

These include having double rods, drawers for items you don’t need to be visible, shoe racks, tie racks, even an island and a window seat can all become part of your custom closet. We’re creating more than a storage space—this is a dressing room, a jewelry store, a shoe boutique, a runway. Your custom closets DC create a safe, stylish, organized space for all your things!

When determining how much space you actually need for your custom closets DC, don’t overlook the details. Begin by assessing your wardrobe. Always consider the quality of the space—as well as your clothes—over quantity. Get creative with professional custom closet designers to craft your dream space!

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