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Modern Murphy Beds Allow You To Maximize Space

Modern Murphy Beds Maximize Small Spaces

You’ve heard of modern murphy beds, the amazing wall beds that seem to appear out of nowhere. These beds are all about helping you maximize your small space by making it easy to convert rooms into bedrooms. Maybe you had to compromise on space to live closer to city, or maybe you just couldn’t afford that four-bedroom home. Regardless of how small spaces became a part of your life, modern murphy beds can help you maximize them! But how?

 Murphy Bed Plans To Combine Rooms

modern murphy beds ideasMaking the most out of space requires a little more work when you have less of it—but this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the things you want. Turning one room into several rooms is easy with modern murphy beds. If you weren’t able to have a home office and a guest room, combine them with a murphy bed. Modern murphy beds easily conceal into walls or shelves, making them unnoticeable when you’re in the office working, and making the office practically unnoticeable when your guests are using it as a guest room. If you aren’t able to give the kids two separate bedrooms just yet, or a playroom, make the most of their bedroom by turning it into a playroom during the day. Murphy beds can be stashed away behind closet doors or an oversized dresser in the kid’s room.


Using Wall Beds To Maximize Space

murphy bed planningMaybe you envisioned a designated entertaining space for your home—only to have it swallowed up by more pressing needs such as a futon for your in-laws or the dog’s bed. With murphy beds, you won’t have to worry about not having space to entertain. You can easily conceal that futon in the wall or behind shelves and it can be done without much effort. When it comes time to entertain, stash away the dog’s bed with murphy beds in dressers or behind shelves. Your guests won’t even notice! Your entertaining space doesn’t have to look pristine all the time, but when it comes time to have guests over and make the space function as the perfect entertaining room, use modern murphy beds to stash away sleeping spaces in a pinch.


Maximize Daytime Space

buying a murphy bedIt can’t be denied that we do different things during the day than we do at night, so use modern murphy beds to maximize your small space by creating a daytime space with lots of room for playing for the kids, cooking for yourself, or entertaining for your family. At night, you can easily pull modern murphy beds out of the wall to create your sleeping space that you’re not using during the day. This not only helps to maximize the storage potential of your home, but can also provide a less cluttered environment during your waking hours, when you’ll be spending the most time wondering where all the space in your home went.


Not All about Guests

modern murphy bed with couchWhile guests are an important part of any home, chances are they’re not there all the time, so your home shouldn’t be all about them. Not having a designated guest room can be disappointing both for you and your guests. Conceal modern murphy beds for the times when your guests come to stay. This way you can save entertaining space and turn the guest room into a multi-purpose room, for whatever you intended to use if for back when you planned on having a set room for your in-laws. Guests will still be comfortable and probably amazed at your modern murphy beds for them!


The “Bedroom”

murphy bed with deskIf you live in a home where your sleeping space shares the room with your kitchen, living area, and bathroom, modern murphy beds can be perfect to help you optimize this space. Forget about your bedroom during the day or when entertaining; your sleeping space magically transforms into an entertaining space, a den, or a dining room, or whatever you want it to be.  If your modern murphy bed folds into the wall, you can conceal it by putting a couch on that wall—this also provides additional support for your modern murphy bed when you pull it out for sleeping. You can also incorporate a bedside table or a footrest into your bed, all customized to suit your unique style and needs.


Murphy beds are a creative and functional way to maximize small spaces. No matter which rooms you have or don’t have, you can make the most of your cramped living quarters by storing beds away in the wall, behind shelves, or behind closet doors during the day, when entertaining, or just went you feel like you need a little more room to breathe.

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