Functional Media Centers and TV Integration

Whether you want an expansive bank of built-ins or simpler storage, learn to expertly integrate a TV into your spaces. We share the secrets to selecting the perfect placement, smart storage solutions, and more with these tips.

The first step in deciding on a media center is finding the right cabinetry. Make sure your cabinetry can hold the size and number of items you own — or plan to own. Include enough spaces for power cords, surge protectors, and cables. It’s likely that your next television will be larger and thinner, so plan accordingly. Also, allow enough airflow to prevent equipment from overheating.

Staight-on viewing is ideal. But flat panels, especially plasma TVs, have a wide viewing angle. As a result, side viewing is less of a compromise; you have greater freedom in the placement of your TV since not all seats will need to have a straight line of sight. Determine the eye-level placement of your TV by sitting in the prime viewing spot or lying in bed. Have a helper mark the TV outline on the wall using painters’s tape. The middle of the TV should be close to eye level; pick a TV that fits this spot.  READ MORE

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