How to Properly Store Seasonal Items
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How to Properly Store Seasonal Items in Your Closet


Transitioning your closet from season to season can maximize your storage and enhance organization. After all, there’s no point in keeping winter coats in plain sight when it’s 85 degrees outside!

Storing your seasonal items can help your closet stay neat and lower your daily stress when using your closet. Here’s how you can properly store seasonal items in your closet in a few simple steps!


Step One: Get Rid of Items


Your first step is to go through your seasonal items to determine what you want to keep and what makes sense to get rid of.

Storing items that you won’t wear again will only take up valuable space. You should get rid of clothing items and accessories that are stained, don’t fit anymore, or haven’t been worn in a long time.

 This may seem like an avoidable step but you’ll be grateful later when you have plenty of room for all your things!


Step Two: Group Items Together


Closet SolutionsNext comes your organization. It’s best to store similar items together so you don’t need to go looking everywhere for items.

For example, if you need a sleeveless top in the winter, why look through three totes when you can only look through one tote where all the sleeveless tops are stored?

Grouping items together will make your storage easier if you need something out of season and when you’re unpacking items. You can even create a tote or space for transitional items for when it’s time to begin transitioning seasons!


Step Three: Packing Items


Custom ClosetNow, it’s time to actually pack your items away. You’ve gotten rid of items and organized your items, so get ready to store!

It’s important to remember to never pack anything wet as this puts your clothing at risk for mildew. You can also make use of cedar liners to help deter moths and other pests from ruining your clothes.

When packing items, use breathable garment bags to protect your clothes and keep items safe and ready to wear for when the next season rolls around.


Step Four: Utilize Hard-to-Reach Spaces


Seasonal ClosetSeasonal storage is the perfect time to take advantage of those hard-to-reach spaces in your closet. These include spaces at the very top of your closet as well as the very bottom in addition to the back of the closet.

 By using these spaces, you make your current wardrobe front and center. It’s easily accessible and in sight so you know what you have. This way, you’re able to still keep your seasonal items in your closet, but out of sight for now until you need them again.


Step Five: Mastering the Transition


When it’s time for transitional seasons such as spring and fall, you need to know how to begin to manage your stored items as well as your current wardrobe in order to be able to effectively make it through these seasons.

In order to do this, begin by first unearthing your transitional tote. This should contain items such as warmer sweaters and jeans for fall, tank tops and light jackets for summer, and maybe even a pair of fall boots or cute sandals.

This will help tide your closet over until you want to make the full switch from winter to summer or vice versa!



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