How to Organize Your Clothes Closet to Save Time
Organize Your Closet

How to Organize Your Clothes Closet


Organizing your closet can feel like a monumental chore—unless you have a custom closet that allows you to spaciously house all your things. Then, closet organization becomes a little more fun!

How exactly can you organize your closet? With so many different options to customize your space, it pays to be prepared before attempting to complete this task. The following are our top tips to get your closet organized and stay organized!


Assess Your Wardrobe


Closet SystemAssessing your wardrobe is a must. Going through your items not only allows you to know what you have, but also provides an opportunity to get rid of things.

The items you should remove from your closet include:


  • Clothes that no longer fit
  • Clothing that has holes or stains
  • Clothing you have multiples of
  • Clothing you just don’t like


Toss items that are excessively worn, and consider donating or even consigning the rest. After you’ve officially assessed your wardrobe, it’s time for the real closet organization to begin.


Folding vs. Hanging


Closet OrganizationBefore you begin deciding what needs to go on a hanger and what can be folded, it’s important to get the right hangers.

Sticking to one type and color of hanger can help your closet look more organized and cohesive. Consider choosing one type of hanger and sticking to it. Your closet organization will feel much easier with this simple step.

You can and should fold clothing that is susceptible to stretching when on a hanger. When hanging clothes as well as folding, you can arrange by function—this includes casual clothes, workout gear, and business attire.

After organizing by function, you can organize by color if you tend to choose clothing based on color. You also have the option of organizing by season and sleeve length to help you get ready. A custom shelving system can help you keep everything organized rather than just stuffing it all in drawers!


Store Accessories Properly


Custom ClosetStoring your accessories the right way can help you speed up your routine when getting ready. After all, trying to assess all these smaller items is virtually impossible when they’re hidden away or in random places.

Keeping hats, jewelry, sunglasses, ties, belts, and scarves organized and within reach will empower you to know what you have and decide at a moment’s notice.

Fortunately, accessories are easy enough to hang anywhere and create a custom system for when it comes to your closet organization. Keeping all the little things organized can majorly clean up your closet!


What to Do with the Shoes?


Customize Your ClosetYou have many options for storing shoes. Without a shoe storage system, chances are your shoes are scattered in various places—the hall closet, the back porch, your master closet. Let’s get all those shoes in one place with the right storage option.

Shoe racks, a hanging shoe cubby, or just having your shoes on display shelves in your custom closet are all options. Depending on how many shoes you have and their significance in your daily wardrobe, you might want to consider keeping your shoes in plain sight for easy assessment and access.


Getting Started with Closet Organization


Remove Unneeded ItemsIt’s easy to get started with closet organization once you have a plan in place. Don’t put off getting your closet under control just because you’re overwhelmed. By taking smaller, more manageable steps, you can create a cleaner closet.

Having a custom closet makes storing your items and reducing clutter easier. When you’re ready to get started designing a space for your wardrobe, get in touch with your local professional closet designers for a free consultation!

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