How Much Does A Custom Closet Cost?
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How Much Does a Washington DC Custom Closet Cost?

There’s a wide range of prices for custom closets because they’re… well, custom!

It’s almost impossible to give the cost of a custom closet because each space is unique and the features you choose won’t be the same combination as someone else with the same size wardrobe.

That being said, there are personalized storage solutions for budgets both large and small. Here we discuss material choices that could influence price as well as reveal the average cost of a custom closet in Washington DC!

Factors That Influence Price

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Many elements affect how much custom storage systems cost, including the size of the closet, the materials used, the finishes selected, the hardware you choose, and the complexity of the system.

Any design will have a variety of factors that influence cost, so your unique design won’t have a one-size-fits-all price. You’re not getting just any storage system, you’re getting a custom-made one, so the cost will be custom too.

So how much does a custom closet cost? A basic system could cost just $1,000 while more complicated or expensive design features that encompass rooms could get into the tens of thousands. On average, however, people in Washington DC spend roughly $2,000-$3,500 on custom-built storage systems.

Options That Could Save You Money

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No matter what your budget is, the right custom closet company will have options for you. There are a few choices that can save you money as well, including:

  • Choosing laminate over wood. Laminate has come a long way in accurately mimicking real wood. You may also have the option to use wood on visible sections and laminate for the structure to save extra bucks.
  • Choose hanging storage over shelving. Shelving is usually more expensive than hanging storage space, so taking advantage of hanging rods can help reduce cost.
  • Choose shelving over drawers. Drawers will net a higher price than shelving and hanging rods, so you can stick with shelving over drawers if you’re concerned about cost but still want some horizontal storage space.

Your closet designer should understand your budget and work with you to fully  accommodate your customization needs for the right price!

Getting a Free Consultation

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The best way to determine the cost of a custom closet is with an in-person consultation from the designer of your choice in Washington DC.

These complimentary consultations are the ultimate truth-teller—they’ll give you a solid idea of your options as well as the price. Once the designer measures your space and assesses the project, you can discuss materials and finishes.

After the consultation, you should receive a detailed proposal with the costs for your project, including drawings. You should know exactly what you’re getting for your money with no surprises!

Finding the Right Designer

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Working with the right designer is going to be the most important factor in choosing your custom closet features on a budget.

The best designer will accommodate your storage needs, but more importantly, they’ll understand that you need to spend within your means. These professionals will communicate with you to deliver the best solutions for your budget.

It’s essential to remember that not every company will offer the same level of quality or customization options for your price range. You need to find someone you feel comfortable working with who will be able to create the closet you’ve been dreaming of!

When you’re wondering how much does a custom closet cost, your best bet is to schedule a consultation. There’s no predictable way to know exactly how much your custom storage solutions in Washington DC will cost without a professional, in-person estimate. Then you can decide on the right options for your price range and watch your perfect storage space come to life!

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