Home Organization 101: Kitchen Ideas
Kitchen Reccommendations 3

(From the blog “A Bowl Full Of Moms” The kitchen is the hub of the home.  Everyone ends up in the kitchen at some point during their day. So it gets messy fast!  The best way to conquer the mess and the clutter is to get organized. Today is the first day of my 14 week series on clearing out the clutter and organizing your entire home.  We will start in the kitchen, where it all begins.  To begin the process and in order to be fully organized, everything really should be emptied out of the space, so you can see it clearly and start fresh.

Its time to clear the clutter.  Empty out every Cabinet and drawer in your kitchen.  Only do this if you can have everything put back in its place within the week.  WE ARE NOT ORGANIZING THE PANTRY THIS WEEK.  We will address the pantry in a couple more weeks.   Get a babysitter (or send the kids to school), put on your comfy clothes, and turn up the music. Its time to organize!!  *Before you start, look around your house to find bins, baskets, etc… You can use these for your kitchen organization.  READ MORE

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