How to Have the Perfect Custom Closet Installed in Your DC Home
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How to Have the Perfect Custom Closet Installed in Your Washington DC Home

If you’re tired of overfilled and unorganized closets, custom storage is a great way to create a fully functional system.

A closet that constantly needs to be rearranged isn’t practical. When you add in the fact that you can’t find what you need when you need it, storage space becomes a source of frustration for many families in Washington DC.

With custom closets, you can maintain order in your home, hide clutter, and free up the time you spend hunting for things or reordering items.

Here’s how you can have the perfect custom closet installed in your home.

Only Use the Decide Your Closet’s Purpose

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The purpose of your closet won’t be the same as someone else’s. What requirements does your space need to fulfill? What items does it need to fit? The right closet will check off everything on your list of wants and needs.

Some people need their closet to be more display-oriented in order to see and locate the things they need, fast. Other people may want to capitalize on storage, especially for seasonal clothing or items they want hidden away.

Whether you want to hide your storing bins or display the clothes and accessories you wear every day in DC, defining the purpose of your storage system is going to make a big difference when it comes to your closet design.

Consult a Professional Closet Designer

Working with a professional closet designer is going to make renovating your closet space in Washington DC much easier.

By taking advantage of a free consultation from a local professional, you can come up with a flow and function that works for you. A designer can also walk you through your options for lighting, hardware, and cabinetry.

Consulting a closet designer empowers you to know where to start with your closet even if you don’t immediately plan on moving forward. By getting a few different estimates, you can evaluate the quality and price of each company and choose the one you feel truly fits your needs when you’re ready.

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Be Vocal About Your Wishes

Your designer should be focused on providing you with the closet you need, not the closet they want to sell you.

You’ll need to be vocal about what you want for your new custom closet. If the designer suggests something that’s beautiful but you just don’t like it, speak up. Any reputable closet company in DC will listen to you and provide you with the right options based on your personal preferences.

Only by voicing your wants and needs will you get the storage space of your dreams from the right designer, so during the design phase, be completely honest about what works for you.

Approve the Design and Set a Date

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You and your designer will discuss all your options and the company will provide you with a detailed estimate and plan for what the final result will look like. This is the time to suggest changes if you like, or you can decide to approve it as is. Remember, be vocal!

If you decide to move forward with the proposed closet design, your professional closet company will set a date and let you know what you’ll need to do before the installation. Then, you just have to put all your things in your new closet and enjoy!

Organize Once and for All

By professionally designing your custom closet space, you can easily maintain your wardrobe. Say goodbye to weekends searching for that burgundy sweater you know you have or organizing your master closet for what feels like the hundredth time.

You can organized once and for all with the right services from your Washington DC storage professional!

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