Helpful Entryway Storage Advice

Too often, the entryway is where everyone in the family dumps their belongings when they come home. But you can make this space orderly and functional with our easy and stylish solutions.

Outfit your foyer closet with smart storage solutions so it’s ready for every coat and accessory. To neatly store bags, mount hooks on the inside of the door. Then get double the amount of hanging space with a closet rod extender. Suspend longer coats on the upper level; use the bottom rod for shorter ones.  Stop grimy shoes in their tracks by setting a boot tray next to the front door. But go the extra mile for guests by offering everyone a pair of slippers. Don’t let smaller items get lost in the shuffle. Organize your entryway closet by looping clear plastic bags around a hanger or two for easily lost items like gloves, hats, and scarves.  READ MORE

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