Custom Closets Northern Virginia Tips and Advice for 2020
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A custom closet is an excellent way to maximize your storage space. Whether you’re working with a designated space in your home or want to create a totally new space, you need some great custom closets Northern Virginia design tips! Consider that this space will not only add great storage for you, but will also add value onto your home in the future.

Follow our tips for designing custom closets Northern Virginia!

Decide on Temporary Fix or a Permanent One

Custom Closets Northern VirginiaWhen designing custom closets Northern Virginia, consider if you’ll be enlisting the help of a professional to knock down those walls and create a brand-new space, or if you’ll be making the most of your current space. Often deciding between a temporary fix and a permanent one can be a challenge, and a professional can help you decide which one would fit your budget and offer you the most benefits.

A temporary fix could include improving your existing closet by incorporating custom shelving and storage. This could be ideal for when you plan to move or have a tight budget. However, if you plan on sticking around and want a permanent solution for your custom closets Northern Virginia, have a professional help you measure and design the space to ensure it’s exactly what you want!

Consider All the Space

Custom Closet DesignYou may have ample space or you may be looking to expand your closet when designing custom closets Northern Virginia. When doing this, you need to consider every inch of space. Don’t just look at the accessible areas such as easy-to-reach cubbies and hanger space. Even the top and bottom of your closet are areas for potential storage space! Custom closets Northern Virginia need to take advantage of all the space in your room.

Vertical space should be utilized every bit as much as horizontal. The typical closet does not make use of spaces that are difficult to reach, but consider—with an easy step stool or ladder incorporated into your custom closet, you can make the most of all the space you’re working with!

Consider a Divider

Organization and Storage SolutionsIf you’re looking to create custom closets Northern Virginia, you want spaces that are easily accessible yet completely together. A divider can help you do this and be budget-friendly and attractive for your custom space.

A hutch or armoire can provide additional storage, center your closet space, and help you keep an organizational focus point. Separate casual clothes and work attire with this space separator. The piece itself can provide additional storage for things such as jewelry and accessories. Use the top for even more storage for your custom closets Northern Virginia.

Employ Storage Items

Ideas For Custom Closets Northern Virginia AreaDesigning custom closets Northern Virginia is easy when you consider all the organizational items you can employ to perfect your custom space. Things like baskets for shoes and purses, hanging a mirror on the back of your door, jewelry organizational accessories for your armoire, and even shoe organizers are all great to consider.
Make the most of the space in your custom closets Northern Virginia by keeping everything where it needs to be. Whether you’re beginning the design for a new space or redesigning your existing space, keep these items in mind to help you get and stay organized with your custom closet!

Your custom closets Northern Virginia are easier to design than you think. Working with all your available space and deciding on what type of solutions you’re looking for can help. Remember unique storage solutions such as a hutch or items like boxes and baskets can make great organizational accessories. Have fun when designing your custom closets Northern Virginia!

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