Custom Walk-in Closet Ideas for 2021 and Beyond
Custom Walk In Closets

Custom Walk-In Closet Ideas


When you’re considering custom walk-in closets for your home, the small details can make a big difference. From innovative storage solutions to unique décor accents, your custom closet can be the space you’ve always imagined having.

By taking advantage of professional, custom design rather than cookie-cutter systems, you can enjoy a serene space every day. The following custom walk-in closet ideas will help you design a space that you’ll absolutely love being in!


It’s All in the Lighting


Closet ProfessionalsThe right lighting will transform your closet. No matter how large your closet is, poor lighting can make it appear tiny and virtually inaccessible. Having all your items in one space is certainly convenient, but unless you can clearly see what you have, it’s not going to matter.

Custom walk-in closets are all about sophisticated lighting. From recessed lighting to LED strips, light makes every item in your wardrobe instantly visible and accessible.

Choosing the right lighting for your closet is also an opportunity to have some fun with an elegant lighting fixture. It doesn’t have to be anything too dramatic, just something to add your personality to a well-lit space!


Let the Details Guide You


Design Your Custom ClosetCustom walk-in closets present the perfect opportunity to incorporate your personal style into your home. A professionally designed space allows you to have room for more of what you love—and not just clothes!

Consider design features that will accelerate your routine. For example, a bench makes it easy to put on shoes while an island creates ample storage for accessories and gives you more counter space. Both a full-length mirror and a smaller mirror can give you the up-close access you need to perfect your look before leaving.

When you have more room to play with details, you’ll be surprised at how easy and enjoyable it is to get ready in your custom closet.


Go Neutral on Colors


Keep your closet cleanNeutral colors can help your closet be more of a clean slate and keep you focused on your items and your routine. Plus, neutral colors allow you to add pops of color and dramatic finishes to the space to really let your personality shine through.

Clean, crisp colors allow your custom walk-in closets to appear more open and give you the opportunity to maximize functionality with your newly designed space. Consider variations of white, gray, or beige to give your closet a fresh, functional look that you can play up or down with custom finishes, countertops, and the right décor.


Reconsider the Doors


Organize your closetWithout doors on the interior of your closet, you’ll be able to see everything instantly. This can save you time when getting ready and allow your items to be immediately accessible.

Being able to see all your items also makes it easier for you to clean out your closet every season or annually, as you’ll easily be able to isolate items you haven’t worn in the last year and toss or donate them. This helps keep your closet clean and reduce clutter in the long run.

Consider doing away with doors for your custom walk-in closets to keep your space open and accessible in an instant, from your daily routine to your annual closet clean-out!

Ready for the Right Walk-in Closet?


Professional ClosetNo matter what you envision for your custom walk-in closet, you have limitless options to maximize storage and create your dream space. With the right lighting, neutral colors, and functional yet stylish details, your closet is bound to impress.

When you’re ready to indulge in the perfect custom closets for your home, get in touch for your free consultation to discover all your possibilities!

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