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Considering custom closets Washington DC is an exciting endeavor. With so many possibilities for your new custom space, how can you ever choose? Design professionals can help make the choice easy. When you’re researching ideas about custom closets Washington DC, consider your likes, dislikes, and features that you’d like to be incorporated into the space.

Here are four design ideas for your custom closets Washington DC—because your closet should never look identical to someone else’s!

Discover Chic Vintage

customThis closet idea combines the best of vintage and chic to give a closet that’s totally unique to your style. You can choose the antique elements that you’d like—from light fixtures to decorative accents, there’s no end to what these custom closets Washington DC can feature. From elegant lighting to personal touches, the chic vintage closet is for those who want a closet as unique as they are.

These closets take hints from clothing boutiques with a comfortable bench to rest, put on shoes, or to double-up on use for storage! Choose one dramatic feature in the room such as your vintage light fixture or an island and make these inspiring custom closets Washington DC your own.

Space for Two

Custom Closets Washington DC Design IdeasWho wouldn’t like a huge closet right off of their master bedroom for their custom closets Washington DC? These closets are designed to be an integral, yet separate, part of your master suite. With defined spaces for his and hers, a hutch can provide ample storage, a carpet provides comfort, and a centerpiece provides a handsome focal point.

When considering custom closets Washington DC, consider an island as the centerpiece to complement your closet space. They provide lots of storage and their surface can even function as a laundry-folding table or provide extra help when packing. These closets are designed to be as functional and elegant as they are comfortable.

The Modern Masculine Closet

custom closetsFor a manly yet inspiring space, the modern masculine closet gives your custom closets Washington DC a contemporary flare while still incorporating loads of storage space and accessibility. You can even take advantage of open shelves in order to see and access all of your items easily. Keep space for your laundry by incorporating it into your shelving with wire baskets.

Use this closet design to incorporate what inspires you into your custom closets Washington DC—what color scheme moves you most? Which wood would accent your personality and clothing style? With the modern masculine closet, all options are open!

Make It Your Personal Retreat

closet washingtonWhen you need your custom closets Washington DC to be all about your personal space, consider a closet that has room for all the personal things you love. This could include space for framed pictures on the wall or on your shelves; a chaise for relaxing, even shelving for books and other personal items. This is a space where you can relax and take advantage of organized storage while still enjoying your personal things.

Storage includes shoe rocks, custom shelving, and rods so you can see and coordinate all your clothing items. Extra custom storage space for jewelry and accessories make these custom closets Washington DC the perfect space for your personal retreat. Choose decorative items and accents that charm you, and be inspired by the color arrangement and either hardwood or carpeted floor.

When you’re thinking about custom closets Washington DC, you’re thinking about a space you can make your own, yet a practical one to love and enjoy for years. With ample storage and plenty of room for personal touches, consider these custom closet design ideas for your new space!

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