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Choosing a Custom Closets Design In DC That Helps Increase Home Value

Custom closets are an excellent selling point when you’re putting your home on the market. However, a great closet is about more than the value it adds to your home—it’s about the value it adds to your life.

You want to choose the right custom closets design in DC to increase your property’s value for potential buyers, but also a design that’s fully functional for just about anyone. How can you do this?

Make Enough Room

custom closets design in dcFirst, ensure the space you have for the custom closet is big enough. You’re going to want to minimize the need for dressers or wardrobes in the bedroom that can take up unnecessary space.

Buyers in Washington DC want to see a walk-in closet, so take more space if you need to when choosing the right design. Although ultimately the layout and function will matter more than the square footage, a spacious walk-in closet never hurt anybody!

Consider Separate Closets or Sides

customized designed closetsYou want to create a closet with the potential user in mind. People who live together are going to want separate spaces for their items, if not entirely separate closets. When you’re designing your closet, consider that each person has different storage needs.

One person may need more room for longer dress shirts while the other may need more space for jewelry or accessories such as belts and ties. You want to have a diverse range of storage options in your closet to accommodate different items people may have.

Ensure Easy Access

custom closet companyHaving a closet that’s difficult to access can be just as bad as having a space that’s too small or poorly designed.

Make sure that the arrangement you choose allows people to easily access their items. Keep drawers lower so people can see what’s in them, and don’t have shelves that are too deep—things will not only get lost in deeper shelves, but can get cluttered easily. An average depth to stick to is 24 inches.

Shelves not only take up less space than drawers, but allows people to see what they have. You can also get creative with shoe storage. Keeping shoes on the floor can get messy, but when you store them where you can see them, you keep them neater and easy to access!

Add a Touch of Luxury

Consider adding a touch of luxury to your custom closet design in DC to enhance its value even more. Some design elements to consider include:

  • Custom lighting for a dramatic effect

  • Plush seating with added storage beneath

  • An island for folding clothes or packing

  • A coffee or wine bar for added appeal

Buyers will love having any of these additions in their custom closet to make it feel even more like the elegant style of storage they imagined!

Boost the Value of Your Home with a Custom Closet

Are you considering a custom closet design to enhance the value of your home in Washington DC? Get a better resale value for your property with a gorgeous, walk-in closet that potential buyers will love!


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