Brightening Up Custom Closets In Arlington Virginia And Beyond
Brighten Up Your Closet

Brighten Up 2021 Your Custom Closet with Storage and More Space


A custom closet is the stuff dreams are made of. Shoe racks. Double rods for hanging clothes. Shelves in all the right places. Everything is pulled together for your custom closets Arlington and it creates a gorgeous space.

Whether you’ve just been dreaming of custom closets or if you have one in your home right now, you can brighten up your custom closet with the right lighting, storage, and color choices. What are you waiting for? Here’s how to perfect your closet space so that you’ll love every inch of your new favorite room!

Customize Lighting for Style and Function

fix closetLighting has so many purposes besides just allowing you to see. The right lighting in your custom closets Arlington will add style and functionality to your closet in addition to brightening your space.

You have many options when it comes to custom lighting. Natural light is great for closets because it allows you to see how you really look—but not everyone has the luxury of having a window in their closet. You can employ a skylight to bring in brightness from the outside and make the best use of natural lighting.

Other choices include recessed fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, or a bold fixture that can be the centerpiece of your room. Remember that dim lighting is often a defining feature of many outdated, frustrating closet spaces. If you’d like to, you can make use of dimmers to further customize the brightness of your custom closets Arlington.

You can never have enough light when it comes to your dressing and storage space!

Benches and Islands Add More Storage


upgrade your closetYour lighting sets the stage for your dream closet. Perhaps you’ve incorporated some ingenuous storage techniques into your custom closets Arlington so that you have room for your entire wardrobe. But what about extra space? Wardrobes typically expand—do you have room for extra things?

A bench where you can sit to put on shoes is a great option; it also allows you to lay out clothes. An island makes for a great place to fold clothes and functions as a centerpiece for your room. Both of these options have bonuses in that they work as extra storage options for your custom closets Arlington.

The bench can turn into a hidden storage space for practically anything you’d like. Your island can be made to contain drawers that offer you attractive options to place jewelry, store more clothes, or other accessories. When it comes to additional storage, your design features can make a huge difference!

Choose Colors That Inspire You

custom closets arlingtonWith custom lighting, you’re not limited to color choices. Whether you’ve dreamed of a bright white closet or a deep teal blue feature wall, custom closets Arlington enable you to choose colors that inspire you rather than ones that are merely practical. Whether or not you have a natural light source, you won’t be limited to white or off-white colors with your custom closet.

The same goes for wood finishes and carpet. Custom closets Arlington allow you to choose darker finishes you may love while still keeping the room bright. You don’t have to go for cream-colored carpet if you don’t like it. The right lighting will still keep your space well lit while you enjoy some fantastic paint colors or cabinetry options.

Your custom closet is more than a space for your clothes. It’s a space where organization happens, where the beauty of your wardrobe lives, where you start your day in a place of tranquility. Brighten up your custom closets Arlington with the right lighting, additional storage options, and more—your dream space is closer than you think!

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