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5 Things to Consider for Your Custom Closet Designers D.C


There are many things to consider besides cost when you’re upgrading to custom closets D.C. Your ideal closet designer should deliver on the style and quality you’re looking for with the functionality you need.


Finding the right team of professionals is going to be essential to your new closet. What should you consider when hiring a custom closet designer? The following five considerations can help you make the best choice!


Getting a Free Consultation


Closet DesignersIdeally, you want a custom closets D.C company that will provide a complimentary consultation. This consultation should include a visit to your home to take measurements, evaluate your inventory, and provide you with some visual options, such as 3D renderings of your space.

Most companies will offer a free consultation, so you can begin by evaluating a few local companies in your area. Schedule consultations to review all your options and see which one feels right for you. The right company will be one that suits your style, your needs, and your budget.


Reviewing Their Work


Custom Closet Companies D.C.As with any design company, it’s important to have a sense of the company’s craftsmanship and their design process before hiring. To do this, you can visit their showroom or look at photos of completed projects. If the company doesn’t have a showroom, they may not be as well established as companies that do.


You want a company that works with quality materials and can clearly communicate with you about the different materials they work with and each of their respective benefits when it comes to your options. Any designer that can’t communicate well might not be worth your investment.


Evaluating Previous Experience


Custom Closet DesignersWhen you’re evaluating companies for your custom closets D.C, you want a team of designers that has extensive experience in the industry. Ideally, a company that’s been in business for several years and will stand by their work is a safe company to choose.


You can evaluate the designer’s previous experience in working with different products, design software, and materials to provide a great finished product. The right custom closet company will take their reputation seriously and work hard to deliver on your beautiful new closet space!


Finding a Reputable Company


5 Tips on Custom ClosetsAuthentic reviews can give you some insight into the kind of job the company in question does. You can and should call the company to confirm they have a license to do their work and are also insured—this signifies a responsible company that should be equipped to handle any issues that arise.


Finding a reputable company can start with asking for references and end with an in-person visit in which you evaluate the designer yourself before moving forward. Generally, local companies will be better equipped to design your space with quality materials and personal service.


Having an Emphasis on Customer Service


Finding the best custom closet designers dcAny reputable custom closets D.C company should have an emphasis on their customer service and their integrity. The company should be accountable for the work they do and be proud to provide a service they excel in to their customer.

An experienced and professional company should also have their own installation team that works with the designer and the manufacturer. Having a third-party team install the final product can often result in miscommunication and error. You want everyone on the same page so that your new closet is seamlessly installed for the best results!



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