Best Custom Closet Design Ideas for Your Washington DC Area Home In 2020
Custom Closet Design Ideas Washington Dc

Custom Closet Design Ideas for Washington DC Homes

When renovating your closet, the challenges you face call for creative design ideas. Your organization needs will be unique to your wardrobe, your routine, and your storage space, so it’s time to think outside the box with custom designs.

When you need more than a rod-and-shelf arrangement, the best custom closet design ideas are the most original ones. Here are some innovative designs that will get you started on your new closet!

Vertical Pull-Out Storage

image of vertical pull out storage in closetIt’s no secret that you should take advantage of all available space in a closet—this means floor to ceiling. An excellent way to do this is with vertical pull-out storage.

This uber-functional design can keep accessories from getting mixed up and keep smaller items such as wallets, clutches, and sunglasses easily accessible.

Having a floor-to-ceiling vertical pull-out maximizes your home’s storage in Washington DC and gives you a convenient place to store and separate smaller items that can easily get lost in drawers or bins.

Custom Jewelry Solutions

custom closet design ideas washington dcIf you have a jewelry collection, one of the best custom closet design ideas is going with a jewelry case, cabinet, or drawer.

Having custom jewelry storage not only saves you valuable time when getting ready, but can prevent damage from tangled necklaces or pieces that hit against each other.

With a velvet-lined jewelry cabinet or drawer, you can protect your pieces and have everything visible and easy to access.

Many custom closet solutions even have a lock feature to ensure your collection stays secure.

Consider Sliding Doors

picture of sliding closet doorsWhen you’re limited on space in your Washington DC home, consider sliding doors for your closet.

Sliding doors are particularly beneficial when you have a closet out in the open, such as in a studio apartment.

You can even hide a closet in plain sight with custom cabinetry on the outside doors.

Mirrors can also be a great design element on sliding doors and make the room seem bigger.

They’ll also eliminate the need for a free-standing mirror or a hanging mirror taking up valuable wall space in your closet.

Best of all, sliding doors get rid of the wasted space of swinging doors, and can make an inventive fix for a pantry or even a mudroom.

Get Creative with Shoes

dc custom closet shoe storageIf you’re an avid shoe collector—or just have a lot of shoes, we don’t judge—it’s time to get creative with your shoe storage.

Whether you want to see everything with shoe fences or tasteful cubbies, you can seamlessly integrate shoe storage into your closet.

Every type of shoe should have a space. Tall boots, which typically present a challenge, can have the perfect home with a rod and mini hangers to prevent unsightly creases on even your tallest of boots.

Ready for Life-Changing Design?

A great custom closet design can truly be life-changing.

Design professionals who keep up with the latest trends and offer a wide range of quality products and creative finishes can make your dream space come true.

Request a FREE estimate and Let’s talk about your new closet with a free consultation!


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