How Much Is A Murphy Bed In DC?
What is the Cost of a Murphy Bed in Washington DC

How Much Is a Murphy Bed in Washington DC?

Murphy beds are convenient, storable beds that fold away, giving you the flexibility to turn any room into a guest bedroom in an instant.

With wall beds, cost is undoubtedly one of the things people ask about most. Homeowners want convenient, integrated storage options. With a wall bed, you can double the function of any room and make your home feel bigger.

For anyone who’s ever wondered how much a foldable bed costs, we’re here to provide some figures including qualities that can affect the price of your Murphy bed in Washington DC.


Features That Influence Price

The Price of a Murphy Bed in Washinton DC

As with any product or service you pay for, a Murphy bed can have many features that influence its value.

The first feature is size. These foldaway beds can come in nearly any traditional mattress size, including twin, double, or queen to suit any room you’d like in your DC home.

Another customizable feature is the tilt. You have the option of choosing a vertical tilt—which is the easiest option and allows access from both sides of the bed—or a side tilt, which is ideal for rooms that have limited space or a lower ceiling height.

The price of your Murphy bed will also depend on any custom elements you want to add. You may want to incorporate custom cabinetry which will cost more but can seamlessly integrate the bed into an existing room.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the quality of your bed and its customizations will drive the final amount up or down. You’ll always pay more for quality work!


Average Cost of a Murphy Bed

How much is a Murphy Bed

As you can see, there are many elements of wall beds that are going to influence the price. So let’s talk numbers.

A very basic Murphy bed in Washington DC could total as little as a few hundred dollars, depending on the size of the bed. However, the average cost of a Murphy Bed is around $2,000, with a queen-size bed being closer to $3,000.

The total value of your bed will ultimately depend on the size, quality, and customizations. Your foldaway bed may be cheaper than the average price, but it could also cost more if you choose to go for more features.

You can shop around but remember that your best pick won’t always be the cheapest option. These foldaway beds are designed to be a turnkey solution for your home and the price will reflect the quality of the materials, the craftsmanship, and the installation.


Benefits of Wall Beds

Wall Beds in DC

Being able to store a full-size bed away provides a range of benefits that you just can’t get with ordinary beds.

Murphy beds give you an entirely new room whenever you want, and you don’t have to compromise on bed quality. You can still use traditional mattress sizes with a normal bed height, which is important for people who may have trouble getting in and out of low beds.

Wall beds are also safe and easy to operate. Even if you lose your grip when pulling out a wall bed, they’re balanced and won’t fall. Most storable beds are designed in such a way that they can be put away fully sheeted and ready to pull out for your company.


Considering a Murphy Bed in DC?

Price Range of Murphy Beds In Washington DC

Are you ready to get a wall bed in DC? These popular storage solutions can fit a range of budgets for people who don’t want to sacrifice an entire room for occasional guests or need to transform their bedroom into an office during the day. Discover just how much a Murphy bed can do for you regardless of your budget!

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