Closet Systems 101
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Closet Systems 101


Has your current closet reached a breaking point? When you decide to skip traditional closet features and upgrade to a custom closet, there are many things to consider.

Your new closet system will help you stay organized both now and in the future. The right system will evolve with your needs, fit your specific space, and be easy to keep neat and tidy.

Here’s your introduction to designing the right type of closet for you!


Understanding Your Options


Closet DesignersFirst, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll be working with your existing closet space or making an entirely new one.

Whether you have a reach-in closet or a walk-in closet, you have options. Maybe you don’t even have a designated closet space and need to incorporate storage for your items into an existing room.

No matter what type of closet space you’re working with, you’ll need to decide factors such as:

  • Whether you want an open or enclosed storage plan (doors vs. no doors)
  • What items you need to have within reach and those that can be stored away
  • What lengths your hanging rods need to be
  • Whether or not you’ll need a jewelry drawer
  • Whether or not you have space for an island or sitting area
  • Your materials, hardware finishes, and much more!

Forget the single hanger and wire rack arrangement—designing a new closet space offers you many more options for creative storage solutions.


Identify Problem Areas


Custom ClosetBefore you can begin making choices regarding your closet design, identifying problem areas in your existing closet can be extremely helpful.

You can do this by determining what’s not working and why. For instance, are your shoes in a pile at the bottom of your closet? A shoe rack could be the perfect solution. Do you have too many items that you can’t see? Keeping your items in view can help you instantly examine your wardrobe.

If you have too many items, you’ll need to go through your things and decide what makes the cut to be in your brand-new closet space!


Design for Your Specific Needs


Custom Closet Idea D.C.Think about what you need in a closet. You want to accommodate your clothes and other items to make them visible and easily accessible, yet you need a space that can grow with you as your wardrobe changes.

A professional designer provides many benefits during this process. You can truly assess your needs with an experienced designer, identify organizational goals, and cultivate your unique style.

Your closet designer can take measurements of your new or existing space and make recommendations based on what you want. When you work with a designer to create a closet that’s just as unique as you are, you’ll have ample storage for life.


Choose Your Storage System


Professional Custom Closet Designers D.C.Finally, you can decide on a storage system. A professionally designed closet system takes into account how you use items and in what order.

For instance, if you have more items that you hang rather than fold, maximizing rod space is going to be important. If you have seasonal or keepsake items that you don’t need to store in view but do want to keep in your closet, utilizing vertical space both above and below your daily used items is instrumental.

Choosing the right closet storage system for your needs will help you achieve your organizational goals and make it easy to maintain order. The right closet system should feel functional and effortless.

Is it time for you to say goodbye to your old closet? With a new closet system, you have the opportunity to enjoy the space that’s designed just for you and your wardrobe. Start designing your new closet system today!




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