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Practical Closet Design in Rockville MD

If you’re splurging on a custom closet design, why not build a space that makes perfect sense for you?

With a sustainable system, you’ll be able to keep things organized and enjoy storage space that grows with you throughout the years.

Not to mention smartly-designed closets are a selling point for Rockville MD homes and can increase your property value.

But how can you create practical closet systems? The following pointers will help you design a timeless closet you won’t want to live without!

Only Use the Space You Need

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It’s tempting to build a huge closet to be sure you have room for all your things. However, the truth is that many people don’t need as much space as they think.

With well-designed custom closets, you can have room for everything you need while still maintaining a spacious layout. Stay within your budget and eliminate unnecessary space when designing your ultimate wardrobe.

Don’t know how much room you need? A professional designer in Rockville Maryland can help. You can also measure how much space your clothes take up while hanging and folded to give you an idea of how big your new closet will need to be.

Focus on How You’ll Use Your Closet

It’ll be easier to maintain order when your closet design is centered on how you actually use the space.

Grouping items together based on their use and giving them their own section can speed up your morning routine and minimize mess. If you need to see all your items, consider going with shelves and hangers. Closed-in storage such as drawers can require more space, but can also make the closet look cleaner.

In addition, consider restricting the depth of your shelves to no more than 14 inches. Deeper shelves enable you to store things at the back that you probably will forget you have and never use. Instead, keep the items on your shelves mostly visible and absolutely accessible.

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Utilize Creative Accessories

If you decide you don’t need drawers, you’ll have more room to be creative with your storage options. Open-shelved closet systems allow you to see what you have in a glance. Items such as shoes, ties, and accessories can take advantage of unique storage solutions to maximize space.

However, be wary of accessory storage items that require too much effort to use. You need something that’s easy to use and access in order to make it worth the cost. Remember, your new closet in Rockville MD is supposed to simplify your life, not make it more complicated.

Incorporate Flexibility

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Custom closets should be able to accommodate both your current and future storage needs. By choosing features such as adjustable shelves, your wardrobe can grow with you and it won’t be necessary to reinvest in a new design as time goes on.

Utilizing every inch of your closet and eliminating wasted space is going to be key to a successful storage system. Whether you have a small reach-in or a spacious walk-in, professional design empowers your storage space to not just fit all your items, but to help you keep them organized as well.

Making Practicality a Priority

There isn’t much point to having a huge closet with all the frills if it just doesn’t work for you. Your home in Rockville Maryland deserves storage space that truly delivers on your needs and improves your life.

If you’re ready to design your ultimate practical closet, make the first step with a free estimate from your local custom closet designer. Once you know your options, you can decide on the best system for your storage needs!

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