Closet Design Ideas to Maximize Storage
Maximize Your Closet Space

Closet Design Ideas to Maximize Storage


No matter what size your closet is, there’s a closet system out there that’ll help you maximize storage.

The right system won’t be the same for everyone. People have different items and will have different needs in a closet. A custom organization system is your best bet to maximize storage in your particular space.

When you’re ready to finally get rid of clutter and have all your items in a refreshingly organized space, here are a few closet design ideas to maximize your storage!


Don’t Cut Corners


closet design ideasEven if you have a huge closet, the corners are going to matter when it comes to maximizing space.

People who don’t take full advantage of the available space corners offer are going to reduce their storage options. The problem is that many people simply don’t know how to utilize corners.

It’s true that corners can create perplexing storage wastelands in closets. With a professional closet system, no corner is ever cut. Any experienced designer knows not to waste space by ignoring the corners of a closet.

One option is to make only one hanging section extend all the way to the corner; this way, you aren’t stuck with clothes that are impossible to access in a corner or worse—a hanging rod that goes diagonally to completely cut the corner off and waste space.


Employ Adjustable Shelves


fix your closetHaving non-adjustable shelving not only prevents people from maximizing storage space, but also from adjusting their closet storage as their needs change.

Adjustable shelves allow you to customize your storage space both now and in the future. Whether you decide you want to store clothing items a different way or just want to make additional room for more of a particular clothing item, adjustable shelves make it possible.

Having adjustable shelves makes accessibility and storage easy without wasting any space. This shelving option also allows you to upgrade your closet as time goes on, ensuring you always have a system that suits your needs.


Use Hanging Rods at Various Lengths


how to make more spaceJust having one hanging rod of one length simply won’t do. Modern closets have evolved beyond the single hanging rod to allow people more space with more storage options.

Whether you choose to go with double hanging rods or employ rods of various lengths, you can maximize storage and hang more of your clothes in similar groups. When considering closet design ideas, consider which of your clothing items will be going on the rods. From dresses and sweaters to suits and pants, you can customize rods of a variety of lengths.

Your clothes aren’t all the same length, so why would your rods be? Hanging rods at a variety of lengths can help you make the most of your closet space.


Pay Attention to the Details


Maximizing StorageAccessories such as purses, hats, sunglasses, and jewelry can quickly clutter your closet if they don’t have a designated place to go.

When you pay attention to the little details and utilize belt and tie racks, jewelry organizers, and even a hamper for your dirty clothes, you can make your custom closet system come together.

Of course, your closet will have rods and shelving for larger items, but organizing your smaller items goes a long way towards keeping your closet clutter-free and beautiful in the long run.


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