The Best Closet Configurations For Your Home
closet configurations

Ideas for Creative Closet Configurations

The best closet configurations are ones that combine everything you need in a closet with the amount of space you have to work with.

Consider what you dislike about your current closet, because you’re going to fix these issues with your new closet design ideas! The right design will maximize storage while still handsomely complementing your home.

Here are some of the best ideas for closet configurations for your custom space.

Walk-In Closet: Get Inspired with a Dressing Room

walk inIf you have enough space to do a walk-in closet, you’ll have room to get creative. Design different areas for specific things in your closet, such as a bench for putting on shoes or an island with enough space to fold clothes.

It can be difficult to utilize all the space in your closet without working with a professional designer. You want to keep as many things visible as possible so you can easily see and evaluate what you have, but you don’t want the space to appear crowded.

When you have a walk-in closet to consider your closet configurations, think of it as a dressing room. This room will set the stage for your day or night, being your ally while getting ready for work in the morning or a ready-to-go party planner at night. Your new closet design will be the elegant wardrobe you never had!

Reach-In Closet: Evoke Style with an Open Design

reach inAlthough walk-in closets tend to offer more space, many smaller homes don’t allow for this type of luxury. Instead, they feature reach-in closets for clothes and storage.

The good news is that you can create unique closet configurations with your reach-in closet using a range of products to add room to your home as needed. With a reach-in closet, you can even do an open design to harmonize your needs with the space.

Think about what you want to achieve with an open closet. It could be hidden from view, completely open, or take advantage of a space that’s just not utilized properly. With the right design and materials, you can make a closet practically anywhere and yet it’ll still match your home.

Making an open closet where a closet wouldn’t normally exist can happen with the right tools and an innovative design. Consider where you’d like to employ the practicality of a reach-in closet for your beautiful home to boost storage space.

Either: Beautifully Pair Double-Rods with Shelving

double rodsNo matter what type of closet system you’re working with, you can maximize space by employing double rods for hanging clothes and incorporating custom shelving. The shelving can also be integrated with wire baskets and drawers to help you make the most of your space.

Other great closet configurations include those with a hideaway hamper and storage for smaller items such as jewelry or gloves. When you work with an experienced designer and use quality materials, you can make a small closet space seem huge.

Double rods combined with custom shelving make it easy to utilize closet space from floor to ceiling, with the top of the closet containing the items you use the least and eye-level height containing items you use the most. This system also allows you to keep shoes and other necessities visible and accessible.

Considering different closet configurations can help you choose the design that works the best for your space. Whether you’re designing a brand-new closet or working with an existing area, you can make the most of your closet storage with creative solutions from design professionals.

What type of closet configuration are you thinking of? Consider these creative ideas for your next project!

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