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Closet Accessories Ideas


Designing your custom closet begs the question—what type of closet accessory features should you use?

While a necessity to any closet, accessories have the potential to make your closet look cluttered and disorganized. However, the right features can help you create a home for every item, no matter how small.

When you incorporate the right accessories into your closet design, you’ll have a comprehensive storage system to enjoy for years to come! How can you utilize the right features for your unique closet?



Use Dividers for Drawers and Shelves


Dividers are a highly functional closet accessory that prevents your closet from getting messy when storing clothing in drawers or on shelves.

You can choose dividers for both drawers and shelves to create an organized space where all your items are easy to access. With different materials and finishes—including clear dividers that are virtually invisible—you can customize dividers to blend with your closet design.

From keeping your clothing stacked and organized to separating different items in a drawer, dividers provide your closet with the function you need while still remaining tasteful.



Make a Jewelry Organizer


Custom Closet AccessoriesA lined jewelry drawer can prevent your beautiful collection from turning into a heap of tangled pieces.

A jewelry drawer with a custom organizer can make a designated space for every piece jewelry, making it easy and fun to get ready rather than frustrating and stressful.

With a variety of materials to line your jewelry drawer and different colors and materials for your jewelry organizer, you can take full advantage of this closet accessory for your custom closet.

Forget about hunting in a cluttered jewelry drawer or untangling necklaces while you’re running late—the right jewelry organizer displays your pieces without the mess.


Hooks for Any Item


Closet Accessories Washington D.C.Hooks can go virtually anywhere in a closet and can provide space for almost any item. From coats and bags to robes, purses, and scarves, the right hook can bring order to your closet.

Quality hooks are durable but won’t wear or tear your clothes. From different finishes to purposes, hooks are highly customizable and can be used for just about anything in a closet.

When you have items that are used so frequently that putting them away doesn’t make sense—such as robes, purses, or gym bags—hanging them can provide an attractive, functional option so that your most-loved and used items don’t end up on the floor.


Baskets and Hampers


Custom Closet IdeasThese modern yet fun closet accessories can store anything you like. Coming in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, baskets can become a stylish, integral part of your closet storage system.

Hampers can be hidden away in pull-out or tilt-out styles, allowing you to grab your laundry and go! With professional design, hampers can be easily hidden away in your closet while naturally being a part of your custom space.

Baskets come in both wire and fabric choices with liners in order for you to customize your style, protect your items, and keep your closet neat.


Customize Your Closet Accessories


Washington D.C. Custom ClosetsWhich closet accessories you choose will depend on your unique wardrobe. A custom closet design offers you the chance to completely customize the function and finish of your closet accessories.

What’s most important to you when it comes to your closet? Whether you’re focused on having an organized place for your jewelry or just want to get rid of those sloppy stacks of clothing, the right closet accessories enhance your perfect closet.

Get in touch with your local professional closet designers today to customize your closet accessories to design a fully functional, beautiful space!

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