What Are The Best Ways To Organize Your Craft Room?
Organize Your Craft Room

What Are the Best Ways to Organize Your Craft Room?


When you’re into crafts, trying to organize your craft room can feel like a constant task depending on the space you have for all your crafting items.

You can still enjoy crafts and keep your work space tidy and organized. Although we know there’s a method to your madness, we want you to have the neatest room possible to create your best work.

How can you transform your craft room into an organized yet inspired space? Here are some of the best ways to organize your craft room and still craft in style!

Keep Items Used Most Often Together


organize todayNo matter how convenient it feels to keep your craft things strewn about the house in the places you feel you most need them, it’s important to set aside a space where you can make your crafts and organize your craft room.

This doesn’t have to be an entire room; it could easily be a closet or just a section of a room. When the space is properly designed, you can make organization magic happen anywhere.

Once you have your designated space, choose another area within that space where you can keep the things that you use most often. These might include items such as scissors and tape, among other things. Do your best to keep this particular area organized. This will make your crafts easy to start and finish with the things you need most never far from reach!


Utilize All Available Space

craft roomWhen you’re considering different storage options, it’s essential that you take advantage of all the space you have. Even if your craft area is more of a table in the corner of your living room or a closet, you can still make the most of the space.

To do this, use wall space to hang items or the space underneath tables or even beds to put storage containers when not in use. You’ll be surprised just how many items you can fit into these areas that you previously thought of as wasted space.

When attempting to organize your craft room, consider investing in storage totes that make items easy to transport from one space to the next. This is a must if your craft area is in a room where you need to hide things extra efficiently, or if you decide to do a craft day in the kids’ playroom!


Organize by Hobby if Possible


organizationTo organize your craft room, try to separate materials by hobby if this is at all possible. Although there will undoubtedly be crafts where certain materials overlap, creating separate baskets or bins for materials can be very helpful and make your craft time that much easier and fun instead of frustrating.

For example, you can put all the handmade card items such as paper, paint, photos, markers, and stamps into one bin. In another, organize your craft room with scrapbooking materials including pictures, stickers, and ribbon. This storage technique can make it much easier to locate items that you need for a specific craft.

If you’re into a particular type of crafting, your organization will be even easier to manage. Make a small area for each category of items used during the process, making your crafting time enjoyable and your area tidy!

 In order to save space and have the most functional room, consider getting ready to organize your craft room to stop confusion and make your craft time more efficient. Through taking advantage of fun storage techniques and making the most use of all available space, you can be sure things are always where you need them to be when crafting!

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