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5 Reasons You Should Get a Murphy Bed

5 Reasons You Should Get a Murphy Bed

  Murphy beds are a smart choice for any home that needs more space. These creative storage solutions easily hide a bed into the wall for the day or until you need it. For some people, murphy beds make sense for their own bed, for others, the guest room bed is a more appropriate choice. Why are murphy beds such a great space-saving option? Here are five essential reasons you should invest in murphy beds Northern Virginia to help your home feel more spacious, functional, and organized!  
  1. Comfort at the Touch of a Button

  Murphy beds Northern Virginia are easy to use, making them ideal for many people who crave more space in their home. In fact, many murphy beds can be pulled out and put away with just one hand, making them easier than ever to set up and put away. You can even customize your murphy bed to be remote controlled, therefore minimizing the effort it takes to get your bed set up after a long day or prepare the room for your guests before their arrival.  
  1. Maximize Functional Space

  Murphy bed saves SpaceMurphy beds can instantly transform a home office, an exercise room, or a storage room into a guest bedroom. These functional hideaway beds can essentially provide an extra room in your home. Murphy beds make sense for people who want a guest room but don’t have guests often enough to sacrifice this entire area. When you want a multifunctional room, a murphy bed provides you with the benefits of having a guest room but the convenience of having more space when guests aren’t in town!  
  1. Indulge in a Custom Design

  Murphy bed is comfortableWhen you take advantage of murphy beds Northern Virginia, you can create a custom design to blend in with any décor or any function. Whether you’d like a room with bookshelves or a desk, a craft room with more storage, or a custom-designed home office, murphy beds provide a more attractive alternative to the standard guest bed solution that takes up space year-round. With a murphy bed, you can easily stow the bed away in an area that will be virtually invisible to people who don’t know your home office doubles as a guest room! That’s the power of custom-designed murphy beds.  
  1. Create the Perfect Guest Room

  Murphy BedsYour in-laws will appreciate a room for their stay rather than just an air mattress on the floor. With a murphy bed, you convey to your guests how much you welcome and appreciate their visit as opposed to a futon or makeshift cot when you’re tight on space. Modern living means people are living in smaller homes and using that space for many different activities. When you’re short on square footage in an apartment, you simply don’t have the room to have a guest area set up 24/7. Murphy beds Northern Virginia allow you to stay happy and keep your guests happy with minimal effort!  
  1. Increase Storage

  Choose Murphy Bed For Space SaverAdding a murphy bed naturally maximizes storage. When you can tuck your bed away during the day and use the surrounding space for work, exercise, entertaining, or just to have some breathing room in your hectic life, you feel less stressed and more balanced.   Murphy beds create innovative storage, especially when they’re custom-designed to suit your style and storage needs to create the perfect extra room.

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  If you’re considering murphy beds Northern Virginia, schedule a consultation to see how a hidden bed can make all the difference in your home. You’ll love the extra room and your guests will appreciate such a modern and functional area for their stay!
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