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Craft Room Ideas Northern Virginia

Here at EcoNize Closets© we feel that your interests and personality will help shape which path we go when designing a craft room for you.

Just the right combination of color and organized storage will provide a rich atmosphere to enhance creativity. Custom craft rooms really are great for the whole family to use. A well made craft room will bring out the very best in all your creativity and certainly will bring you and your family happiness for years to come.
Craft rooms also provide an ideal outlet for creative endeavors ranging from sewing to painting to scrapbooking. They are designed specifically designed to offer versatility, including options for a dedicated sewing room to an all-purpose arts and crafts area that the entire family can enjoy.

Craft Room Organization Solutions

Any veteran crafter knows just how easy it is for your crafting supplies to take over your entire home. Before you know it, even your kitchen table is mission central and have a bunch of miscellaneous items stashed in every closet.

This haphazard storage method leads to wasted time searching for what you need when you really need it. A custom craft room from EcoNize Closets© can get you organized and ready to work. A custom craft room can provide ample storage solutions for all your tools and supplies, which makes them easy to find and safely protected from damage.

Table With Storage, Craft Desk

EcoNize Closets© offers a wide array of scalable and customizable storage solution. EcoNize Closets© offers both open and enclosed storage units, adjustable shelving, slide-out drawers, storage cubbies, drawer dividers, wire baskets, and other storage accessories to maximize your space.

We also can build custom work spaces, such as work tables and desks, and customize them to any size or height. EcoNize Closets© custom craft room storage solutions are available in a variety of finishes to complement any décor.

Call For Free Consultation


We'll come out to assess your craft space and show you how you use it, including what types of crafts you do and what your specific storage needs are.

Then EcoNize Closets© will create a craft room design, including a custom storage solution and work area, customized to your needs..



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